Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Why buy new when you can repair?

Do you have several curb marks on your car alloys? Perhaps paint is starting to peel off the spokes on your motorcycle alloy wheels?

If so, then look no further than J. P. Polishing in Canvey Island, Essex. We fully strip and refurbish the alloy wheels in question so that they will not only look as good as new but also stand the test of time.

When alloy wheels are made they are powder coated, not painted. We replace the coating inside and out using the same process.

Our superb reputation speaks for itself

Did you know that 95% of our customers are the public, and 75% of those are repeat customers who use us time and time again?

You can put trust in us to refurbish your alloy wheels to the highest of standards, so feel free to contact us today for more information.

Alloy Wheel


J.P Polishing has been dealing with tyre pressure monitoring sensors for many years as part of their Alloy wheel refurbishment business, we are fully equipped to service, re-learn or supply and re-program new replacement TPMS sensors at reasonable prices.

At present these services are only offered by main dealers and major tyre suppliers at over inflated prices mainly due to the huge cost of buying the diagnostic equipment, If you are having problems with your tyre pressure monitoring system give us a call we can repair faults on 99% of the vehicles that have TPMS currently fitted.

Are you thinking of buying winter wheels and tyres but not sure how it will affect your pressure monitoring system? Look no further we can supply and install duplicate sensors to your new winter wheels please give us a call for the very best prices.

The Process

How do we get your alloy wheels looking as good as new?

At our alloy wheel refurbishment workshop in Canvey Island, Essex, we use the latest equipment to help us refurbish and repair your alloy wheels.

Your alloys will be stripped of all the old coatings and all major curb marks will be welded (not filled). We have an iron phosphate pre-treatment process which gives your alloy wheels an extra anti-corrosion resistance. Along with our long-lasting powder coat finishing, you can drive your car out of our garage with its alloys looking as good as new.

Powder Coating Process

Not just refurbishments

There are many extras included with our alloy wheel refurbishments. If your wheels are brought in with tyres, you will receive FREE tyre removal and fitting, new rubber valves plus full balancing using self-adhesive weights applied to the inside of your wheels.

Please note that this is only available if you bring in the wheels and tyres together. An extra charge will be applied for replacements from another set of wheels.

For the ultimate alloy wheel repair & refurbishment service in Canvey Island

Call J. P. Polishing for a FREE quotation.